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I’m an award winning documentary maker. With a background in Social Anthropology I specialise in films with a social, cultural and international angle. I shoot, direct and produce television documentaries for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five and Discovery. I also make short form web content, corporate, NGO, and charity films.

I graduated with at MA in Social Anthropology at the dawn of the digital, and then studied Visual Anthropology at USC Los Angeles. Since them I have devoted my career to making social/cultural documentaries and international TV series. I’ve travelled to the Arabian Gulf, Morocco and Central America making travel shows for Globetreker. I filmed 3 in-depth contemporary culture observational series for the BBC looking at life in Uganda, India and Syria through their schools, as well as observational series about horseracing in Barbados for BBC Storyville and I series prodiced and directed “Guarding the Queen” following the Grenadier Guards, Britain oldest Infantry Regiment, for ITV1 primetime. I’ve also worked on C4’s Grand Designs and filmed and editted for a season for Gold Rush in Alaska for the Discovery channel.

I have extensive experience of bringing Latin American stories to life. In 2000 I shot and directed Runningman for National Geographic, a groundbreaking three-month, live online, river expedition to interview all the Amerindian, Maroon and Carib ‘tribal’ leaders little-known Suriname. In the America’s I’ve has also filmed and travelled in Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

I’ve also used video to communicate complex development issues in Afghanistan to policy-makers in Washington.

My TV films have been met with critical acclaim and my 2009 documentary Rap Refugees, a part of BBC 4’s Syrian Schools series, won the Japan Prize in the Youth Category.