Best Music Film shortlist at Portobello Film Festival 2015

Music written & performed by The Zen Hussies
Produced and Directed by Sarah Mallabar at Mallabar Film

Daredevil drummer and Casanova of the Castanets Angelina Tout has failed yet another audition to play drums with his favourite band The Zen Hussies. This indignation has caused his love for the band to turn most sour, and he is driven by bitterness to set about sabotaging their performances by any means possible. Alas two things stand in the way of him successfully thwarting the West Country’s Most Exclusive Drinking Club:
1) His love of liquor and ladies, and
2) the band’s merciless minder and welterweight pugilist Jimmy The Mack McDonnell, who is ever at hand with his instruments of torture to ensure that THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Jonah Flatfoot and his merry band of Zen Hussies make whoopee throughout against all odds – culminating in a truly explosive performance and a stylish getaway to their next gig.

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