Portobello Film Festival – Best Art/Animation Film Shortlist

Consumption is a short film commenting on the consumer society that we live in. Based upon an original concept by Botch which was developed as a stop-motion animation for the Saatchi Motion in Photography competition in 2014.

We are a society obsessed with consumption. From the latest electronic gadgets to fashion clothing to out-of-season foods, we want it all. Now. Need it or not. Consumption is shaping our lives, our world.

We consume. It’s what we do.

This film involved Botch being wrapped in plastic shopping bags, with the bags taped together. Another was placed over his head, with all safety holes taped over and tape sealing it around his neck. Airtight, he was literally running out of oxygen. The entire film (just over five minutes) was shot in a single take.

Original concept, costume and performance by Botch (botchart.com)

Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Joshua Evan (joshuae.com)

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Director: Nick Barrett

Length: 9 mins 25 secs

Little Pearl runs around the private garden while her mother and friends have a picnic, complacent that all is perfect in their cocooned world. When Pearl decides to wander off on her own the fairytale quickly becomes a nightmare.

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