Native – Official Trailer 1 (Glasshouse Productions)

Director: Daniel Fitzsimmons

A signal from the other side of the universe is received by a hive-like society. Two scientists, Cane and Eva, are chosen to leave their Home planet and journey many light years to find and colonize the distant world that sent this transmission. As their telepathic connection to Home weakens, they begin to question the morality of the mission and the very meaning of their own existence in the isolation of deep space.

Producers: Neil Atkinson, Jim Fitzsimmons, Jennifer Handorf
Editor: Jacob Proctor
Screenwriters: Daniel Fitzsimmons, Neil Atkinson
Director of Photography: Nick Gillespie, Billy J. Jackson Production Designer: Jon Revell
Supervising Sound Editor: Kimberly Patrick
Music: Baltic Fleet
Principal Cast: Rupert Graves, Ellie Kendrick, Leanne Best, Daniel Brocklebank, Chiara D’Anna, Joe Macaulay, Pollyanna McIntosh

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